Cuddle Down Duvets & Pillows – A popular purchase all year round!

logocdWe’ve been kind of surprised by the amount of down duvets and pillows that we have been selling in this summer heat! But, we know as well as you do that Cuddle Down is a worthwhile investment all year round. We thought since one of our favourite suppliers has been so popular lately, we would write a little bit about them for those of you who are unfamiliar with Cuddle Down.

Cuddle Down Products Ltd is one of our favourite bedding brands, hands down and we have been using it in our homes before we even opened Above & Beyond Home Decor. We love that it’s a Canadian privately owned and operated company and it has been in the business of manufacturing high quality duvets and pillows since 1975. They also sell high quality bed linens.

The down duvets are some of the best on the market and are made from Canadian white ducks and geese. They use a high loft duck down or goose down (depending on the style you choose) that makes for a lightweight duvet to keep you comfortable all year round! The down is also specially treated to maintain extra fill power for greater luxury. We also love that they’re available in different weights, which is especially great for all of you warm sleepers. Their duvets are also hypo-allergenic!

Not interested in down-filled? That’s OK because Cuddle Down offers an amazing synthetic line of duvets as well. They have a line of 100% Polyester Cluster Fiber duvets that are delightfully cozy and they have a line made of Suprelle Micro. The latter is the most luxury down synthetic in the world. It is 8 times shorter and 6 times finer than standard fibres. It creates a filling that is fluffy, soft, down-like and keeps you warm and cozy year-round!

We are also in love with Cuddle Down’s line of pillows. They’re available in down and synthetic – just like the duvets.

We hate to mention it, but fall is just around the corner. So if you’re starting to think about those crisp fall nights, come in and talk to us about one of our favourite products! And if we don’t have what you’re looking for in store, we would be more than happy to order it in for you.


CR Plastics Furniture – Outdoor living designed for our weather

thumb-30 We’re back this week to talk more about outdoor living. Now that the warm summer nights have finally returned, we can’t get enough of outdoor entertaining. We’ve discussed patio cocktails and making pizzas on the BBQ, but we haven’t mentioned our favourite line of outdoor furniture. It’s called CR Plastics and we adore this company.

A common downfall of outdoor furniture is the wear and tear from being exposed to the elements. CR Plastics withstand the harsh Nova Scotia climates – the heat and the cold. Their line of furniture is created with an added UV stabilizer, so each piece is guaranteed to maintain its beautiful colour for years. No one likes staining or painting their patio furniture – and decorating your outdoor space with CRP furniture means you don’t need to.

The company started out as a compassionate goalthumb-9 to reduce the plastic ending up in landfills and ended up creating an incredible line of durable and comfortable furniture. It began in 1994 with its signature line of Adirondack chairs and has since expanded with a line of beautiful rocking chairs, tables and chairs, benches, lounge furniture and much more. All of CR Plastic’s furniture is crafted from their signature plastic lumber made from recycled plastic and is guaranteed not to rot, mold, crack or splinter. It’s also very sturdy, meaning you can leave it out all winter without worrying about its integrity.

We love the range of gorgeous colours that their furniture is available in – and of course black and white is also an option. The rocking chairs are perfect for your front porch and the dining furniture helps create the perfect setting for weekend BBQs. We could sing this line’s praises all day, but you should come in and see it for yourself!

Backyard Entertaining – Summery Cocktails

VimVigor_HiBall_Recipe-SetOf4-wCocktailsSummer is finally here! It may not feel like it at the moment, but we hear that the nice weather is supposedly coming back very soon. And with the warm weather comes the time for outdoor entertaining!

We talked about our love for the Emile Henry Pizza Stone a few weeks ago. But maybe you’re looking to have some friends over for a cocktail night on the patio after some delicious pizzas on the BBQ. Well, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to stock your bar for summer.

Stocking your bar for a party can seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t need to be overly expensive either. Start with your basic spirits; gin, tequila, rum, vodka and a bourbon. Then make sure you’ve got a couple of your favourite liqueurs on hand; some fruit juices and mixers; a couple bottles of wine; and the appropriate bar tools.

If you’re having a cocktail night, we recommend making a few signature cocktails for the night to simplify the evening.

Here are three of our favourite summery drinks:

Sangria – A classic summertime drink, refreshing and delicious. It’s such an easy drink to make and here at Above & Beyond, we like red wine. So here’s one of our favourite red wine sangrias. Mix the following ingredients in a pitcher and enjoy!

– 1 bottle of your favourite Merlot
– 4 oz of brandy
– ice
– 1 cup of summer fruits (berries, limes, lemons, and oranges)

Aperol Spritz – This drink is refreshing and summery without being too sweet. We think it’s the perfect cocktail for a pool party. Garnish with an orange and sip away!

– 3 oz of Prosecco
– 2 oz of Aperol
– A splash of San Pellegrino
– ice

Strawberry Bourbon-ade – This boozy seasonal lemonade is always a hit at barbeques and around a campfire. This time of year, we like to mix it in a pitcher with fresh strawberries and serve. Muddle the strawberries and add all ingredients to a shaker; shake, and strain. Garnish with a lemon slice, a strawberry, and enjoy!

– 1.5 oz bourbon
– 4 strawberries
– ice
– 5 oz. lemonade

Come in and visit us for your essential bar tools and drink wear – shakers, muddlers, whiskey stones, and fun ice cube trays.  We’ve got some fun new glasses that we love for entertaining!






Lampe Berger – Another Obsession

Lately, we have been highlighting a few of our favourite things and we certainly couldn’t highlight our favourites without mentioning Lampe Berger. We started carrying Lampe Berger the first year we opened and it’s a product that has been popular with you guys – and for a good reason!logo

Lampe Berger is an air purifying system that uses a system of diffusion by catalysis. Basically, it eliminates odours and bacteria in the air and leaves a fragrance. Now, the best thing about Lampe Berger is that its catalytic process actually eliminates the odour and bacteria rather than just masking it – like some room fragrances out there.  Trust us, we were a little sceptical at first too, but it really does work. Many people use their Lampe Berger daily to purify the air, but it also comes in handy when you have pesky odours in your house that you want removed ASAP. Now, when we were told that it would eliminate the smell of fish after dinner, or the smell of wet dog – we decided to try it for ourselves. And, of course, it worked wonders! Lampe Berger uses a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based fragrance and make your house smell fresh – it’s science!

Lampe Berger is great for all year round because there are a multitude of fragrances to choose from. Craving something fresh and summery? Try the lavender fragrance! Looking for something warm and Christmasy for the winter months? Lampe Berger releases seasonal fragrances every holiday! We’re actually pretty excited to go to the buying show in August to see what new fragrances and lampes will be available for fall.

And speaking of seasonal – Lampe Berger has developed a new scent to keep the mosquitos away! It’s called Summer Night and you burn it just as you normally would, but outside.

If you’re allergic or sensitive to scents, that’s not a problem either! You can use a neutral “fragrance” that has no smell, but still purifies the air.9090341613_ed7fee6aaa

The bottles are also beautiful and add a decorative touch to any room. There really is a Lampe Berger for every style, too. They make a great gift for the person who is hard to buy for (we all know that person). The bottles are often released for a limited amount of time and some of them are now collectors items worth thousands of dollars! One of our extravagant favourites is the monkey.

Lampe Berger is a French company that has been around since 1989 when Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, invented a system of diffusion by catalysis to help with sepsis in hospitals. It then became used for homes and eventually turned into a decorative piece as well. Over 5 million litres of fragrances and 800,000 lamps are sold every year around the world and we are so happy to be able to bring this really innovative little bottle to you guys.

Come visit us for more info! We’d love to talk to you about this product we love so much.