5 Beautifully Decorated TV Homes

Fall is officially here, and our favourite shows are finally back. The cooler weather is starting to kick in, we are heading back indoors and we love a fall decorating project. This week we’ve rounded up a list of TV shows to draw design inspiration from.

THE MINDY PROJECT – Mindy’s Brownstone Apartment
Mindy’s apartment is colourful and chic. The bedroom is gorgeous and if you have a love for decorating with colour, take cues from the way colour is incorporated throughout without one particular colour scheme. We adore the way the apartment incorporates colour to create a chic, yet playful living space.




2) SCANDAL – Olivia Pope’s Apartment
Olivia Pope’s apartment is a calm and sophisticated retreat when Olivia is not ‘handling’ a top political crisis. We adore the neutral colour scheme in this traditional apartment. If looking to draw inspiration from this space, stick with a neutral colour scheme with silver and a pop of turquoise – and maybe a glass of red wine.




3) GILMORE GIRLS – Lorelai’s Stars Hollow Home
We know this one has been off the air for about 8 years now, but love how welcoming Lorelai’s home is. So much so, that we would love to sit around the kitchen table and enjoy some takeout with both girls. Even years later, we think Loreali’s home is the perfect, cozy space. We can’t wait to see how the house has changed when the show returns to Netflix in November!


UNSPECIFIED - DECEMBER 29: Full shot of (from left) Keiko Agena as Lane, Susane Lee as Kyon, Alexis Bledel as Rory, Melissa McCarthy as Sookie, Lauren Graham as Lorelai, Liz Torres as Miss Patty, Kelly Bishop as Emily, and Rose Abdoo as Gypsy. (Photo by Patrick Ecclesine/Warner Bros./Getty Images)


4) MASTER OF NONE – Dev’s Apartment
This Netflix show has garnered a lot of buzz lately, especially after Aziz Ansari’s Emmy win a couple of weeks ago. One of our favourite parts of season one is Dev’s one-bedroom apartment. It’s both eclectic and masculine and beautifully incorporates industrial and mid-century design.



Master of None

5) NEW GIRL – The Loft
This space is a melding of many very interesting personalities. And the loft is certainly a reflection of that! We love the eclectic feel of the loft. The gorgeous leather couch is a standout piece, as is the dining table.

The loft is the perfect space to build a fort during guys' night!

Where the infamous drinking game with no true rules started, True American.

The time the gang cheered on Schmidt while laying on the kitchen counter doing shots during a round of True American.

Artcraft – Beautiful Residential Lighting

Light fixtures are an integral part of a room’s design and function. We’re very excited about a new line of lighting we have at Above & Beyond. It’s called Artcraft Lighting and it is both functional and beautiful. One of the main reasons we love this line is because it truly has something for everyone.

Artcraft has lighting for all spaces and all styles. With the addition of this line, we now carry a wide array of pendants, flush mount, semi-flush, vanities, pendants and sconces – and the list goes on. Their lighting styles range from modern to traditional, and is suitable for all rooms from the bathroom to the bedroom. Here is an assortment of our favourites:
One of the reasons we started carrying Artcraft is because it also has a gorgeous collection of outdoor lighting. This is a great way to brighten up your home’s exterior and add some style. The perfect lighting can also help to create a welcoming entryway to your home. Try adding sconces on either side of your front door to create a statement. Or, add some task lighting to your front porch or walkway.
Looking to add a focal point to your living room or foyer? A chandelier is a beautiful way to add a statement to your room – and it need not be a stuffy affair. Chandeliers are no longer just for formal living spaces. Try adding a chandelier to a living room for a bit of glam. They are also a trendy addition to a bedroom or above a bathtub.
Wondering how low your lighting should be? When choosing lighting for your kitchen and dining room, be sure to hang pendant lights no lower than 35-40 cm above the kitchen counter or island. Lighting above your dining table should be no lower than 30 inches above the surface of your table.
Art craft has been around for 61 years and we are excited to introduce it to our store. Their catalogue consists of designer lines we love and have carried before at Above & Beyond, such as Steven & Chris and Cobi Style. Interested in adding some new lighting to your home? You can browse Artcraft’s extensive product line by clicking here. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this line. Drop by the store or call us at 902-895-1445. If you’ve already made up your mind and found the perfect piece of lighting for your home, we can take your order over the phone. Happy shopping!


Stonewall Kitchen – A Delicious Part of Our Store

This week we want to talk about an Award-winning specialty foods company that we adore – Stonewall Kitchen. We’ve had it in our store since the very beginning and it’s truly delicious.

101326Stonewall Kitchen is now in its 25th year. Jonathan King and Jim Stott began their business at a Farmer’s Market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Their headquarters are now in York, Maine where they have a beautiful space to shop, eat and learn. We first discovered the product on a family road trip in 2004, when we stopped at their headquarters and tasted some of their delicious foods. When we opened Above & Beyond, we were very excited to be able to bring Stonewall Kitchen products to our customers. SJ_alt

We love this brand for many reasons. Most of all, because it’s delicious! We carry a variety of their jams and jellies, salad dressings, salsas and mixes. One of our favourites is their Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. Their strawberry jam is also the perfect addition to your morning toast.

Are you gluten-intolerant? Well, Stonewall Kitchen’s gluten-free baking mixes are delicious. We particularly like their gluten-free cupcake and pancake mixes. They produce fluffy, delicious treats that absolutely delicious whether you are gluten intolerant or not.

Stonewall Kitchen foods also make a great gift. Did you know we make gift baskets? A basket filled with these fine foods is always a great gift idea. A jar of their Sour Cherry Jam and a nice tea towel also makes for a great host/hostess gift. Stonewall Kitchen products are perfect for entertaining. They make incredible salsas, dips and jellies which make the menu a lot easier to plan.

Does your family have a sweet tooth? Stonewall Kitchen also has a line of tasty dessert sauces. Some of the most popular ones have been their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sauce and their Dulce de Leche Sauce. They’re great on ice cream, cheesecakes,  brownies, and so many other baked goods!

They make more than just food, too. Stonewall Kitchen also has a line of beautifully scented hand soaps, lotions and dish soaps.

We would love to hear about your favourite foods from Stonewall Kitchen! Haven’t tried them before? Come visit us – we are often sampling their delicious products, and we have plenty of favourites that we can recommend for any occasion.

Here’s a recipe for Thumbprint Jam Cookies that can be used with any of Stonewall Kitchen’s jams:


‘Don’t Wear White After Labour Day’ and Other Rules to be Broken


We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. I’m sure you’ve heard the silly rule that you’re not supposed to wear white after Labour Day? Well, we thought that we would share some more rules that OK to break:

  1. Art should be hung at eye-level. We think that the artwork you hang in your house is supposed to make you happy. Art doesn’t necessarily need to hung at eye level to work well in a space. Take your surroundings into account (mouldings, furniture height, windows) and follow your instincts.
  2. Dining room chairs and table need to be a set. We love the contrast of pairing a different style of chairs with a dining table. This is a great way to keep your dining room from looking too formal, or too matchy, if you will.
  3. Your lamps need to match. We don’t think this is always true. If you have two lamps you love, there’s no need for them to match. Instead, pair them with two of the same night tables or end tables to add a bit of symmetry to your room.
  4. Small rooms need neutral colours. You should use colours that make you happy. Many people are afraid to use colour in a small space out of fear that the space will seem even smaller, but this is not necessarily true. A small space is a great place to create a statement wall, incorporate a cozy and rich colour, or play with pops of colour in furniture.
  5. Your room needs a theme. Yes, we all want our decorating projects to look like they are the product of a cohesive plan. But, no one wants their room to look like they were all created at once, or purchased at once. A well-curated space will feel more individual. There’s no need for everything to match. Play with different fabrics, metals, textures and sizes. Is your room feeling a little bit out of hand? You can easily tie the project together with a colour scheme.

We think it’s great to follow trends and adhere to design rules – but only if you like them. However, decorating your home should ultimately be about adding pieces and arranging them in a way that makes you happy.

We want to know, which design rules do you think are meant to be broken?