Instagram Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration

We get our inspiration from many different avenues. Magazines, hours of HGTV, our customers, the buying shows, blogs, Pinterest – and of course, Instagram. We love how Instagram provides us with daily visual design inspiration to scroll through at our leisure. This week, we’ve compiled a list of our must-follow suggestions for some snippets of design inspiration. Go ahead and click follow!

  • @stevenandchris
    Steven Sabados offers us a glimpse into his life and his S&C line that we love so much here at Above & Beyond. Follow for some great decorating ideas from Steven's new CBC show, The Goods.
  • @nateberkus
    The world was first introduced to Nate Berkus during his inaugural appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2002. We have been fans ever since and so has the rest of the world! He has become one of the world’s most recognizable interior designers and we adore his philosophy that, “Your home should tell your story. What you love most collected and assembled in one place.”
  • @apartmenttherapy
    Apartment therapy claims to be saving the world, one room at a time. And we tend to agree! This account is a treasure trove of inspiration for small small spaces with its countless apartment and home tours.
  • @designmilktravels
    Follow this account to add some wanderlust to your scrolling. A travel guide for the modern design enthusiast, this will leave you wanting to plan your own getaway.
  • @pantone
    The other leader in colour, Pantone claims to be the worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration since 1963. Their account is full of fun (and coulourful) photos - including many snaps of their colour of the year, Greenery.
  • @benjaminmoore
    Leaders in paint colour, Benjamin Moore's account is a go-to for paint colour inspiration. Follow for 2017 Colour Trends and how to incorporate their Color of the Year 2017: Shadow 2117-30 into your own design.
  • @houseandhomemag
    Follow House & Home for daily decorating inspiration. We love the glimpses into homes, trends and products from across North America and around the world.
  • @houseplantjournal
    Don't have a green thumb? Worry not! Follow this Toronto-based blog for plant watering tips (and gorgeous images of plants). This account is your go-to for responsible plant parenthood.
  • @thejungalow
    Add some greenery to your Instagram perusal with The Jungalow. Author of the New York Times best-selling book The New Bohemians, L.A. based designer and blogger Justina Blakeney posts pictures that celebrate colour, pattern and plants!
  • @paddywaxcandles
    We love Paddywax candles! Many of you may know them from the very popular candle that we can't seem to keep in stock - Tobacco & Patchouli. This account shows us how to re-purpose the reusable vessels the candles are poured in to brighten your home.
  • @savoygardens
    Add some garden inspiration to your scroll through Instagram. Savoy Gardens posts stunning gardens and estates that will help get you through these long winter months until gardening season is here again.
  • @elledecor
    Elle Decor is one of our trusted go-to's for ample pictures of up-and-coming trends. The account posts all sorts of design styles from modern to traditional, contemporary to eclectic. Go ahead and hit follow!
  • @archdigest
    From dreamy house tours that grant us access to celebs' homes, to stunningly helpful how-to's, the visual inspiration to be found on Architectural Digest's account is endless. Whether you're looking to renovate or just escape into a realm of beauty, this account is definitely worth the follow.
  • @em_henderson
    Emily Henderson is a stylist, New York Times Bestselling author of STYLED, and runs a daily design blog that we adore. She offers a transparent and honest look at how to decorate without rmaking the world of home decor seem intimidating. Her designs are fun, colourful, and never look unattainable. We love her site for how-to's!
  • @mercanaartdecor
    This is another one of our favourite suppliers and a fave amongst our customers. Mercana sells excellently curated fine home furnishings & decor, and their Instagram account is just as well curated!


Let’s be friends on Instagram! You can find us at @abovebeyondhomedecor.

Holiday Gift Guide – For the House Proud

This week we thought we would share a gift guide for those who love to decorate, adore home decor and are always looking for that perfect piece to add to their living space. Here are some gift ideas for the House Proud:


All of these gifts are now available at Above & beyond. Click HERE for the full-sized gift guide. Happy shopping!

Mid-Century Modern – Everything Old Is New Again

Mid-century modern is back. A lot of you ask us what trends we are seeing at the buying shows and how they can be incorporated into everyday living spaces. This week we thought we would talk about the design style that has become popular decades after its inception. Mid-century modern is everywhere right now. It has become more prominent over the past decade, and its popularity shows no signs of fading.

You’ve probably heard these design-world buzzwords tossed around a lot, but what exactly is Mid-century modern? It is a term used to describe the design movement within architecture and interior, graphic and product design in the middle decades of the 20th century. It is a broad term, but it applies to the modern design movement from roughly the mid-thirties to the mid sixties. Looking for a visual reference? Think Mad Men.

Here is a picture of the award winning set design from the hit AMC show:



In particular, mid-century modern furniture is very trendy right now. It is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and functionality. We are seeing this style of furniture popping up in all of our suppliers’ catalogues, including the custom-made furniture company, Stylus.

jets-sofa-mdJets sofa

myer-sofa-mdMyer Sofa

Our lighting suppliers also offer fixtures inspired my mid-century design. Look for Sputnik inspired shapes or wire frames.

Click HERE for more mid-century modern lighting.

We understand that some people are hesitant to incorporate this design trend. Trust us, we understand. It seems like we were just getting rid of the second-hand furniture that we grew up with when this design style became trendy again. Or maybe you decorated your living room accordingly the first time mid-century was around.

Here is an example of mid-century modern design, as shown in House Beautiful issues from 1960.



However, the reinterpretation of mid-century that we are seeing today is a bit different. Gone are the days of the olive greens, browns, oranges and mustard yellows of the sixties. We are seeing furniture in neutrals -plenty of greys- and in fun textures, like velvet. In furniture, look for boxy sofas, clean lines and walnut finishes. The revival of this design style can be incorporated into a room in big or small doses. Incorporate golds or silvers, and contemporary lamps and accessories to keep your room from looking dated.

We love this Brooklyn apartment that incorporates mid-century modern into a beautiful living room:



If you’re not ready to re-do your entire room in this style, you can mix and match pieces to add an eclectic or curated feel to any room. Try adding a mid-century modern wooden accent chair, or an accent table.

These gorgeous pieces are from one of our furniture suppliers, Neuvo Living.

Although mid-century modern is popular again, the truth is that many mid-century pieces have transcended trends. In fact, some never went out of style – or production. The Eames chair was designed in the 1950’s by the husband and wife duo, Charles and Ray Eames. It remains popular today and has never gone out of production and has certainly inspired many knockoffs, too.



Love it or hate it, it seems as though mid-century modern is one style that is not going anywhere. What do you think? Will you be incorporating this trend into your living spaces?



  • Feature image SOURCE:

Paint it Black – Using dark paint colours to make a statement

It’s no secret that beige and grey have been the most prominent wall colours the last few years. Perhaps you’re looking for a change, or you’re looking to incorporate another colour into your home. Painting is one of the easiest ways to give a room a makeover and sophistication.

This week, we want to discuss a growing trend that we love – dark walls. We’re talking black, charcoals greys, dark greens and blues. Dark paint is not new, but we are seeing increasing numbers of our favourite designers opting for dark paint colours, and for a good reason. Rich, dark tones add depth and warmth to any room. Painting your bedroom a dark colour does not mean it will be dark and dreary. Take, for instance, this cozy master bedroom painted black:



Rich colours can immediately pull a room together and tie together different styles of furniture and decor.  Create a beautiful backdrop for showcasing your art and furniture, or your books:



It’s time to dismiss that age-old myth about dark colours making spaces seem smaller. Dark walls can actually make a room seem more spacious. These dark hues are such a bold and deliberate choice they are an easy way to make a statement in a small room, such as this gorgeous bathroom:



Besides its ability to add drama to any room, we love dark paint’s ability to function as a sort of neutral as well. Black walls can be just as minimal as white, beige and grey. Perhaps you already have a room decorated in neutrals or you have accessorized with a particular colour scheme. Try adding a dark hue to your walls for a modern update. You’ll find that your neutral furniture will pair well with a dark colour, and that it can add a modern twist to any room.



Many people are hesitant to opt for dark paint colours. This is completely understandable – they can be an intimidating design choice to make work. We recommend using a matte finish to create a sophisticated and welcoming look. We also recommend using large swatches or testing large patches of paint in your home before deciding on a colour. This will help you to see what the colour looks like with your room’s lighting before you commit.

If painting your whole room a dark colour still seems like too much of a commitment, we recommend a statement wall. Adding a dark tone to one wall can easily create a bold and beautiful statement, just like in this living room:



We think dark paint colours are here to stay and we love them. If you’re wondering what to pair with your newly painted room, stop in to see us. We would love to see your decorating projects. Happy painting!


Design on the go – Apps for decorating & inspiration

Apps! They make our lives so much easier. Banking, restaurant reviews, Pokémon… they’re part of our everyday life. They can even help when it comes to re-decorating! This week, we’ve rounded up four fun (and helpful) apps that can help you finish that project you’ve been working on – or perhaps motivate you to get started!

behr 1. ColourSmart by BEHR™ Mobile – Have you ever been wandering around and see the perfect hue of your favourite colour? The perfect colour for that new bathroom reno? And then, you end up going to the paint store and search through endless swatches of paint, unable to find that perfect shade you set your eyes on. Well, Behr’s app helps you with that problem! This app is easy to use because it helps you find the closest matching BEHR colour simply by taking a photo and tapping on the image. We also love this app for its ability to help you envision a colour throughout a room. The app allows you to choose from a gallery of room images and styles and paint the image with Behr’s touch-and-tap technology.

photomeasures2. Photo Measures – Will this beautiful sofa fit in the living room? Is this print too big for above the fireplace? How big is my decor that I already own? Ah the ever-present re-decorating conundrum! We’ve seen it countless times with our customers. Don’t you hate it when you’re out shopping, stumble upon the seemingly perfect piece for your home and cannot determine if it will actually fit in the room where you envision it? Well, Photo Measures makes shopping and decorating so much easier! This app allows you to take a picture, or download one onto your phone, and then add your room’s dimensions to it. Then, simply take your room’s measurements and the picture of it with you while shopping, thus making it easier to determine if the decor catching your eye will actually fit in your space.

level3. iHandy Level – This one is just so practical! And free! The iHandy Level app is just like the level in your tool box – but on your phone. It’s beautifully designed and super easy to use. We love it for its convenience and practicality. iHandy Level makes hanging artwork and shelving easier and unlike a level, you always have your phone around.

screen480x4804. Moodboard – This app is great for planning. If you’re looking to re-decorate a room, this is a great place to keep your inspiration and plans all in one place!  You can choose from a variety of backgrounds and then import photos from the web and your own camera roll. You can layer, crop and duplicate photos and then save as a PDF and share with friends for feedback. Moodboard is great because it allows you to keep pictures of your paint colours, swatches and furniture options together with aspirational pieces for your project. This app is supported by iPad.

Go ahead and start downloading!  These apps help you plan renos and decorating projects on the go and easily share them with friends. Be sure to show us your plans when you stop by Above & Beyond.


Personal Style

Well, hello, there!! I’m Lori of Farm Fresh style. I may have met you in Above and Beyond before Christmas, if so, good to see you again and if not, it’s nice to meet you!!
Liz and Anne invited me to be a guest blogger over here and I’m excited to be able to do just that!
Today, I’m going to talk to you about Personal Style. In all my years of being a decorator, I believe personal style is the key in home decorating. So does this lady named Sarah Richardson – maybe you heard of her? Here is a quote from the introduction to her book, Sarah Style.
“I strive to make every home a genuine reflection of its inhabitants and provide a backdrop for the stories that will be told within it. No matter how simple or grand, your home is a sanctuary, and you have the power to define how you want to live in it.”
Sarah Richardsonsarahs-cottage-master-bedroom1
Sarah Richardson 
Finding your personal style is the best place to start when thinking about decorative your home. There are so many different styles out there. But are they for you? Does your home reflect who you are, who your family is? Our homes should be as individual as we are. If I walked through your door, could I get a feel for you are by looking around your home? I could decorate your house with ALL the trends and newest styles but if it doesn’t reflect you, will you feel at home there?Mercana
One way of finding your own style is by going through magazines and tearing out pictures that appeal to you. Maybe grab a pen and jot down a few notes in the corner so you’ll remember why it attracted you in the first place. If that is too low tech, try or, both excellent websites for nailing down what your style is. Use these sources as your guide to building your room. You will see common factors emerge and you will be able to refer back so you don’t lose focus of where you are heading.
A mood board is another great idea. It could include fabrics you love, colour chips that appeal to you, pictures of a room or furniture that catches your eye. Maybe a postcard or a photograph that has inspired you could be included, too. The nice thing about a mood board is that it can be very dynamic and ever-changing as you and your home evolve over time.
Mood Board - Rustic
Let your life experiences and heritage show, too. If you have hobbies that you are passionate about or souvenirs from a trip that changed your life, put these things on display. They are a big part of who you are. My husband is a hunter and for long time I fought having aspect of him that included in our home, but I’ve come to terms with it and now I looked forward to decorating the antlers on a seasonal basis.
One of the things I love about being a decorator is hearing the stories people have to tell about their space, their experiences and their belongings and using these bits to build a decorating plan for them. There’s nothing better than walking into your own space and saying, “Now this feels like home!”
That’s all for now! You can visit me over at if you’d like to hang out!