Spring is coming...

We promise, spring is just around the corner. One sure sign of spring is the new decor that is arriving daily at Above & Beyond.

Customers have been asking what trends will we see for the upcoming season. We can tell you that one of the biggest trends we noticed for spring this year is navy. (The pictures below are from the buying show in Toronto.) Navy is just a classic colour. The rich tones of navy and various shades of blue are trending in home decor, tableware, bedding and bath. Above & Beyond will certainly be on trend because we loved it all and have lots of navy arriving. 

Don’t worry, if navy is not your colour you won’t be left out. Spring decor always brings with it a  variety of colours. This spring we will see blush, light greens, blues and soft yellows. Another strong colour for spring was black and you are going to see a lot more of black come fall and winter. Aqua, teal & turquoise are some of the colours in decor that will be saying good bye to. Not to worry, they will be back in a few years, I am sure. 

Always remember that a trend is just that, a trend. If your colour is not trending it doesn’t mean that you need to switch everything up. It simply means it will be a bit harder to buy. A great example is burgundy. No matter how much you love it, we can’t find it to buy for you. But I’m sure it too, will return someday soon. 

If you are looking to spruce up what you currently have. Simply add some new pillows and a throw. You don’t have to start from scratch; don’t throw everything out. Choose a colour that complements what you have and your personal style and you will be surprised at just how little you need to to purchase to freshen up your living space. Take a picture with your phone and drop by, we are more than happy to help. 

- Liz

Navy Tableware…
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