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Well, hello, there!! I’m Lori of Farm Fresh style. I may have met you in Above and Beyond before Christmas, if so, good to see you again and if not, it’s nice to meet you!!
Liz and Anne invited me to be a guest blogger over here and I’m excited to be able to do just that!
Today, I’m going to talk to you about Personal Style. In all my years of being a decorator, I believe personal style is the key in home decorating. So does this lady named Sarah Richardson – maybe you heard of her? Here is a quote from the introduction to her book, Sarah Style.
“I strive to make every home a genuine reflection of its inhabitants and provide a backdrop for the stories that will be told within it. No matter how simple or grand, your home is a sanctuary, and you have the power to define how you want to live in it.”
Sarah Richardsonsarahs-cottage-master-bedroom1
Sarah Richardson 
Finding your personal style is the best place to start when thinking about decorative your home. There are so many different styles out there. But are they for you? Does your home reflect who you are, who your family is? Our homes should be as individual as we are. If I walked through your door, could I get a feel for you are by looking around your home? I could decorate your house with ALL the trends and newest styles but if it doesn’t reflect you, will you feel at home there?Mercana
One way of finding your own style is by going through magazines and tearing out pictures that appeal to you. Maybe grab a pen and jot down a few notes in the corner so you’ll remember why it attracted you in the first place. If that is too low tech, try or, both excellent websites for nailing down what your style is. Use these sources as your guide to building your room. You will see common factors emerge and you will be able to refer back so you don’t lose focus of where you are heading.
A mood board is another great idea. It could include fabrics you love, colour chips that appeal to you, pictures of a room or furniture that catches your eye. Maybe a postcard or a photograph that has inspired you could be included, too. The nice thing about a mood board is that it can be very dynamic and ever-changing as you and your home evolve over time.
Mood Board - Rustic
Let your life experiences and heritage show, too. If you have hobbies that you are passionate about or souvenirs from a trip that changed your life, put these things on display. They are a big part of who you are. My husband is a hunter and for long time I fought having aspect of him that included in our home, but I’ve come to terms with it and now I looked forward to decorating the antlers on a seasonal basis.
One of the things I love about being a decorator is hearing the stories people have to tell about their space, their experiences and their belongings and using these bits to build a decorating plan for them. There’s nothing better than walking into your own space and saying, “Now this feels like home!”
That’s all for now! You can visit me over at if you’d like to hang out!

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