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Ethan Cotton Woven Rug 3x5

Ethan Cotton Woven Rug 3x5

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Ombre deck stripes in Grey, Black, Ivory and Natural make a neutral realization of a traditional layout somehow more sophisticated and modern.This low profile flat woven rug in soft and sustainable cotton adds cushioning to the floor and the weave is thin enough to fit under most doors, making them easy to use anywhere

These woven cotton area rugs are so adaptable they make themselves at home in any room. Constructed using a hand loomed flat weave in durable 100% cotton, these rugs are lightweight, reversible and affordable.

Features and Benefits: Durable construction; soft underfoot; lightweight, low profile, and often reversible.

Where to use: High- and low-traffic spaces; well-used family areas like hallways and bedrooms. 

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