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Fusain Bread Loaf Baker

Fusain Bread Loaf Baker

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Part of the joy of baking your own country bread, which makes such delicious buttery slices, is taking your time… Letting the dough rise twice, then placing it in the dish for perfect baking, slowly and gently.

The Country Bread Baker will delight everyone who loves generous, crusty loaves with a dense and finely textured crumb that evoke the country. This bread baker allows the dough to assume its rectangular shape after slowly developing its aromas as it rises, interrupted only by delicate kneading.

Thanks to its refractory ceramic, and to its lid, this bread baker diffuses heat evenly all around the dough and ensures just the right level of humidity during baking. Its deep bottom lets you bake traditional breads or gluten-free breads whose dough is wetter. Recreating conditions similar to those of a traditional baker’s oven, the Country Bread Baker helps you successfully make all your own breads: traditional, with seeds, with dried fruits, and more.

Tip: for a delicious golden crust, remove the lid during the last five minutes of baking. Length / Diameter 39 cm. Width 16,5 cm. Height 15 cm. Inner length / Diameter 33,5 cm. Inner width 13 cm. Inner height 14 cm. Capacité utile 2,3 L. Capacity 4,5 L. Weight - KG 3. Maximum temperature 270 °C. Minimum temperature -20 °C


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