Spring is in the Air.

Its time to say goodbye to winter and hello spring. As you pack away your winter clothes the same should be done for some of your home decor. Find a tote for your winter pillows and cosy throws and save them for next year. When you revisit them in November you will love that the old feels new once again.

Nothing says spring like fresh throw pillows, a new throw and some spring coloured decor. Create a living space that is light and, airy to reflect the outside. Spring is the perfect time to clean and declutter. If you know you’re not going to use it again be sure to donate it to a charity.

At Above & Beyond Home Decor we believe that your home is an extension of you and your personal style. So depending on your style you can add some great colours like coral, yellow, blue, red and this seasons favourite colour: aqua.

A great way to choose your colour is to figure out if your current furniture and wall colour is in the cool or warm zone. If your colours are cool try adding a splash of this years trendy aqua or teal blue. Aqua is a clean, tranquil colour that always makes a home feel fresh.

If your colours are more in line with warmer tones some great choices would be orange, yellow, coral and of course gold. Gold is a huge trend in home decor once again. If you are unsure of where to place it simply mix your gold and silver, they look great together.

Creating a soft, neutral pallet with white, beige and grey is always a clean and calming colour choice. Don’t feel you have to add colour to any room in your home. This picture from Sunpan, one of our furniture lines, and as you can see it is simple and fresh for spring.

Sunpan Furniture

Sunpan Furniture

With so many choices and suggestions for decorating, one thing we know for sure is that if you buy what you love you will love your surroundings. Drop by and visit us and be sure to follow us on Facebook at AboveBeyondHomeDecor. We are always posting decorating ideas and suggestions.

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