The Emile Henry Pizza Stone – Homemade Pizza Has Never Tasted So Good

This week we are back to talk about another one of our favourite kitchen gadgets – the Emile Henry Pizza Stone. Because, who doesn’t love pizza? With the Pizza Stone, you can create delicious homemade pizza with perfectly golden and deliciously crisp crust.

Emile Henry is a French company that has been around since 1850 that still  manufactures its products in France, and they’ve certainly perfected the art of making ceramic dishes in that time. Made of Burgundy Clay and other natural materials, the Pizza Stone is part of their specialized tools line, and we’ve been hooked ever since they entered our store.

Not only is the Pizza Stone perfect for any kind oven (including the microwave), it even be used on the barbeque or over an open flame! It provides even heat distribution for a perfect crust and can withstand very high temperatures, creating a pizza that tastes like it’s straight from a traditional pizza oven.

IMG_5014The Pizza Stone is incredibly versatile, but also super easy to use. For best results, you should always pre-heat your pizza stone and then add your pizza to it to bake. The thinner the crust, the higher your cooking temperature should be. It is recommended that you pre-heat your Pizza Stone in the oven at 240°C / 475°F / Gas Mark 9 for 10 minutes and then cook for 10-12 minutes until perfectly golden and crispy. Never flour your stone directly. You should lightly flour your crust while rolling it out, and when your pizza is ready, be sure to use a pizza peel to place your pizza directly on the stone in the oven. Looking for an even easier dinner tonight? The Pizza Stone works wonders on frozen pizzas, too. Pop a frozen pizza out of the freezer, and place it on a pre-heated stone and experience store-bought pizza as you’ve never tasted it before. When your pizza is done, place it on a wooden board or a cloth and the heat from the stone will keep your pizza warm while you dine. And don’t worry about the clean-up because Emile Henry has made that easy too – it is dishwasher safe!

It makes great pizza, but the Pizza Stone is also great for thin crusted tarts, breads, appetizers, and general grilling. It’s made with a flat surface, so it can double as a trivot or a cheese tray – and you can cut directly on it. It’s also lighter than cast iron and the handles make it easy to transport. Basically, it’s a perfect gift for someone who’s hard to shop for, and even more perfect to bring home for yourself.

Want to know more? Come in and talk to us about it. This is truly a company we adore and a product we love. We could keep singing its praises – but we’ve got pizza to make.


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