Think Pink: This Colour Deserves Your Attention

Let’s talk about pink. Yes, PINK. We promise we’re not referring that dusty rose nightmare from the 90s. Pink can go beyond your daughter’s bedroom and into your own. This colour is making waves in the design world. The colours on the market are often driven by economics and the colour industry’s standard colours for the year. It’s even Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2016. A pale shade of pink, Pantone’s Rose Quartz “is a persuasive yePantonet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.”

Now, we’re not advocating for turning your home into Barbie’s Dream House. When pink dominates the room, it can seem overpowering or entirely feminine and sometimes we have a hard time separating it from the bright pink we associate with a teenager’s bedroom. However, pink can be an incredibly sophisticated colour that can easily be incorporated into a grown-up living space.

So maybe you’re wondering ‘why pink?’. Well, this colour is becoming more and more prevalent for a reason. This trendy new pale shade of pink adds warmth and serenity to a room without overpowering it. It can also be soft and soothing among cool metals or even add a vintage touch to your living space.

Decorating with pink can seem intimidating. No one wants to turn their living room into something reminiscent of great-grandma’s formal living room (with the plastic covered furniture that no one was allowed to sit on). We think this colour is worth re-considering.

It’s also easy to incorporate. We are seeing this shade of pale pink available in many different forms from our suppliers and we’re starting to notice it more and more as we peruse through our favourite design blogs and magazines – is anyone else as addicted to Houzz as we are?

You don’t need to add a large amount of pale pink to your room for it to work its calming magic. No need to add a pink couch to your living room or pink draperies to your bedroom either – although we do think that would be gorgeous. Pink makes a fabulous accent colour. And chances are, you don’t need to change your entire colour scheme or paint your walls to incorporate this pale hue. It pairs so well with with greys, whites, beiges, greens and of course – blues (the other Pantone colour of the year is a pale blue named Serenity). Chances are, you already have one or more of these shades as your base decor colour and adding a hint of pale pink won’t be that difficult to incorporate. And, you can mix it in with any metals – it compliments golds and silvers.

Our biggest piece of advice when decorating on trend is to think ‘accent colour’. This is a simple, but efficient way to incorporate a new trendy colour into your home without having to spend a lot of money or commit entirely to a new look.

Pale pink can be added to any room you choose. This serene shade is becoming more and more popular in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Perhaps your room is feeling too monotone. Incorporate pale pink into your space using textiles, artwork and accessories into an otherwise neutral room- think pillows, throws and framed art. That floral pink vase you inherited from Grandma? Pull it out of the china cabinet, dust it off and let it add some warmth and serenity to your space.

Want to add incorporate it into your bedroom? It’s not just for kids’ rooms. Pale pink can be romantic, soft and sophisticated. Consider featuring it in pillows, lampshades or bedside table accessories.

Decorating your cottage? Add an East coast beachey vibe and take inspiration from a conch seashell. It can easily be added to a base of rich ivories, taupes and whites.

Maybe you’re obsessed with this new hue. Well, here’s the secret about pale pink – you can think of it as a neutral. Pillows and accents not enough for you? Paint your walls with it! Go with a muted blush, peach or powder pink tone and we’re betting you’ll be impressed with how warm and sophisticated it can make a room feel.

Still not convinced? A simple pink floral arrangement can incorporate this trendy new hue. After all, peony season is almost upon us in Nova Scotia!

We admit it took us a while to get on board with this trend, but now we’re convinced – pink deserves our full attention.

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