Under The Dome

The cloche was first used to protect plants outside from frost. Today a cloche is a wonderful piece of home decor that allows you to be creative in the space you place it in. I have several cloche’s and I love them. There is something very beautiful about placing a favourite item under a dome. Decorating  at Christmas with a dome or domes  adds a whole new dimension to your holiday theme.

We are often asked what to do with a cloche so I thought I would show you the possibilities. A rule of thumb for using a cloche is to just be as creative as you can. There are no rules, so be as creative as you wish and have fun.

These three together on a sideboard or dining room table filled with lights at Christmas would look amazing.





Adding a cloche to your kitchen or bathroom counter is also another great way to display.


Don’t forget your plants! I have an orchid under one of mine right now.



Here are a few ideas for using them for Christmas:



We often having different styles of domes at Above & Beyond. If you visit and there isn’t one you like ask us about our next shipment.


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