We’re back from the buying show! Here’s what’s on its way —

Happy Sunday, everyone! Sorry we are late posting this week – we were away at the Toronto Gift Fair and just got home. Although we are exhausted, we are so excited by the new products we purchased over the past few days. We ordered for fall, winter and even spring 2017.
As far as trends go, we are seeing a lot of the same right now – a lot of white, gold and black. But, we do love it. We ordered from many of our favourite suppliers, such as Cuddle Down, Lampe Berger and Mercana. We ended up buying more than we ever have at the show! Needless to say, there will be lots to shop from this coming season.

We love this clock from Mercana:


One of the main reasons we went to the show was to source new suppliers. We were eager to scout new product and new companies for this upcoming fall/winter season.  It’s really important for us to continue to source different and interesting merchandise for you guys, and to bring you the latest trends in home decor. We really lucked out this time and were able to order lots of awesome new product that will be heading to our store starting in just a couple of weeks. In fact, our first order arrived yesterday!

We bought most of our Christmas decor in January, but were able to pick up a few more exciting pieces for the holidays on this trip, too. It’s hard to believe – but Christmas decor will start to make its way onto our shelves next month! We love this new globe.
We also bought a new line of kitchen linens with gorgeous embroidered table runners for the holidays.

There will also be lots of giftware heading our way. New chunky knit throws are one our favourite finds – they’re so soft and are available in beautiful colours.

We’ve also taken your recommendations into consideration and ordered some bathroom accessories and more bedding. We sourced some really fun new shower curtains! Brunelli has been one of our most popular bedding suppliers and we are so excited to show you their new bedding this fall.

Looking for a great men’s gift? We’re excited about bringing in a new men’s line called Ted Baker. It’s a line of gorgeous men’s accessories, such as pedicure kits, shoe shine kits, luggage tags etc.

Here’s a list of some products that will be arriving at Above & Beyond Home Decor in the coming months:

  • Two new lines of candles we have never carried
  • A line of baby blankets and gifts
  • Seasonal Lampe Berger
  • Tons and tons of kitchen linens!
  • Prints
  • More bedding and bath than ever before
  • Christmas decor
  • A new lighting company (stay tuned for more info on this industry favourite)
  • Gorgeous new drapery options

Honestly, we are so excited for our purchases to start arriving. We will be sure to post pictures and updates as the new merchandise rolls in.

… And one more thing! We have some exciting news about the line of Royal Doulton we sell. Stay tuned for our announcement on Monday!IMG_7277

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