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Black Select Series Course Grater

Black Select Series Course Grater

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This Select Series Coarse Grater is the ultimate kitchen tool for grating fruits and vegetables. Using razor-sharp teeth, it's easy to grate hard cheeses or soft root vegetables directly into your recipe or bowl. With etched stainless steel grating surface that cuts through dense and fibrous foods with ease, this kitchen gadget is sure to have you grating like a pro in no time!

Microplane's sleek and ultra-sharp Select Series Graters feature the company's stainless steel blades with extremely sharp edges that quickly and effortlessly cut through hard and soft foods without tearing.  For added convenience and practicality, the new Select Series graters are dishwasher safe and come complete with a clear protective cover for safe storage in kitchen canisters and inside drawers. 

Use a Coarse Cheese Grater for: Carrots, Chocolate, Coconut, and Hard Cheeses. The results will be small gratings.

Product Details: Reusable protective cover included. Dimensions: 11.25 " x 3.25 " x .76". Materials: Surgical grade stainless steel blade. Plastic handle. Blade made in the USA


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