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The Heirloomed Kitchen

The Heirloomed Kitchen

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The Heirloomed Kitchen, our inaugural cookbook has arrived. Each book purchased on our website will come personally signed by the author, Heirloomed founder, Ashley Schoenith.

Aimed at keeping the made-from-scratch basics of cooking & baking alive for generations to come, the book features traditional and time-honored family recipes passed down and perfected over the years. From soups & salads to entrees to sides and desserts, the cookbook is an array of homemade recipes every home cook should try their hand at and keep in their arsenal of recipes.

A "coffee table book for your kitchen island" the beautiful book is a visual feast for the eyes, thanks to our longtime brand photographer, Heidi Harris. In The Heirloomed Kitchen, author & Heirloomed founder Ashley Schoenith serves up over one hundred made-from-scratch recipes flavored with nostalgia and Southern charm, featuring over 200 pages of color photographs. All brought to life by our wonderful partner & publisher, Gibbs Smith.

With its elegant design and exquisite vintage-style photography, this cookbook stands out for its visual appeal alone. A legacy of love, its pages are dedicated to preserving cherished memories of gentler times, when family and friends gathered around the table to share stories and enjoy meals that nourished their bodies and souls. Brief vignettes bring cherished memories to life, enhanced by photographs of country settings and nature-themed decorations.

The recipes for sunrise-to-sunset meal planning include appetizers, soups and salads, main and accompanying dishes, sauces and condiments, candies and desserts, and classic drinks. Typical Southern fare is highlighted with recipes for Fried Green Tomatoes, Collard Greens with Applewood Bacon, and Cornmeal-Fried Okra. These classics appear alongside unusual and intriguing dishes, like Brie, Sausage, and Sage Casserole and Saint George Island Shrimp and Grits.

The desserts include a tasty twist on traditional bread pudding with the addition of bourbon and Vintage Stamped-Glass Cookies that come with an invitation to adventure onto a hunt for the perfect vintage drinking glasses with which to stamp and bake the sweets. In the holiday spirit, a jar of homemade White Cheddar and Herb Pimiento Cheese coupled with crisp crackers would make a lovely gift.

An added benefit of this cookbook is that it’s accessible to aspiring cooks. It defines the terms used; gives clear instructions in basic kitchen skills, from making a roux to cleaning cast iron pots and pans; lists the essentials for a well-stocked pantry; and recommends necessary kitchen tools, serving implements, china, silverware, and glassware.

A few COOKBOOK REVIEWS for you ...

The Heirloomed Kitchen is a beautiful, inspiring cookbook marked by warm Southern hospitality and nostalgia for days gone by. -- Kristine Morris ― Foreword Reviews

Fans of Ree Drummond’s ‘Pioneer Woman’ culinary brand and Jill Winger’s ‘Prairie Homestead’ books will find Schoenith’s charming debut to be an equally beguiling introduction to cooking good old-fashioned food and living a simpler life. ―
Library Journal Published On: 2023-12-01

The Heirloomed Kitchen is a visually stunning book, beautifully styled with Ashley's textiles and family keepsakes. Ashley's organic sensibility to both her day job, as a textile desinger, and her approachable and comforting family of recipes make me want to dive in and live in this book. If you do not already have a soft spot for the south, it's heritage, traditions and history, follow Ashley's recipes for gathering around a table, a well set table, and enjoy your family and friends. ---- Anne Quatrano, author of Summerland, chef & owner, Bacchanalia & Star Provisions

It's no surprise that Ashley's strong sense of place rings true throughout this beautiful book. Nods to Ice Milk and Parker House Rolls were a reminder to rediscover the simple recipes tied to memories of my childhood.Her thoughtful notes, storied recipes, and signature aesthetic will no doubt inspire readers to honor and create their own unique traditions around the table. ---- Carrie Morey, author of Hot Little Suppers & owner of Callies Hot Little Biscuit

The Heirloomed Kitchen is a treasure trove of time-honored recipes that celebrate the cherished tradition of gathering together around dishes that will always feel like home. Each page is a delicious journey, and Ashley has masterfully captured the joy of Southern cooking. This book is a must-have for anyone who believes the best meals are made with love and enjoyed with family." --- Courtney Dial Whitmoreauthor of The Southern Entertainer's Cookbook

About the Author

Ashley Schoenith is a self-proclaimed old soul on a mission to keep family recipes and heirlooms around for future generations. From a young age, she always had an affinity for history, made-from-scratch cooking, a love of craftsmanship, a fondness for vintage details, and an obsession with preserving things from the past. Schoenith is a designer and entrepreneur of the brand Heirloomed, mom to Wyatt, Sawyer, and Waylon and wife to Shane. She was born and raised in the South as an eighth-generation Floridian who now resides in Atlanta, GA.

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